Structural Steel Plates 

An ideal solution for medium-sized bridges and overpasses 

SuperCor® is a corrugated steel structure with an impressive load capacity and a wide span. It is commonly applied for constructing bridges, tunnels, and grade separations. The light weight and straightforward design make it economical to transport and fast to assemble. Its material is a 100% reusable steel whose production process is quick and environmentally friendly.

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Features and Benefits

A wide span

The width of over 25 meters is available for these structures – one of the widest possible on the market of corrugated steel plates. The larger option would only be our UltraCor® plates.

High load capacity

SuperCor® structures are suitable for any class of live loads adapted for your needs. They can withstand the weight of people, cars, trucks and railroads.

Fast and simple installation

The assembly process doesn’t require heavy machinery – only a crane and common tools. A team of regular workers with one supervisor can assemble a 100×20 m bridge in just 3 weeks, following the installation guidelines.

Suitable for extreme temperatures

From the freezing cold of Scandinavia to the boiling heat of the Middle East, the installation is possible both at -50°C and at +50°C. Depending on the environment, quality of water, and level of pollution, we design accurate corrosion protection and painting for the structures. 

Minimal maintenance

Most of the maintenance will consist of superficial renovation such as applying or renewing corrosion protection layer. The lifetime of SuperCor can reach up to 120 years.


CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption levels are several times lower to produce lightweight steel as opposed to concrete – a few tons of steel are equivalent to hundreds of tons of concrete. Steel is also environmentally friendly as it is 100% reusable. Finally, the quick installation of steel plates means minimal pollution of the area.

SuperCor® Properties 
  • Span: over 25 m

  • Load capacity: very high, can withstand any live load classes  

  • Corrugation profile: 380×140 mm 

  • Steel grade: from 355 MPa (Re)

  • Stockpile height: over 30 m 

  • Material: hot dip galvanized steel  

  • Painting system/corrosion protection: accurate, depends on the class of the environment aggressiveness

  • Available shapes: arch, round, box – open and closed profile

  • Certification: CE Certificate according to norm EN 1090-1, ISO 

  • Bridges and tunnels 

  • Grade separations 

  • Road or rail overpasses  

  • Stockpile conveyor tunnels  

  • Portals 

  • Shelters 

  • Others 

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How are SuperCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

Their span is wider than that of SuperCor® and Hamco MP200plus® but not as wide as UltraCor® . As opposed to CON/SPAN, they are made of steel and not concrete, so they are more ecological. And unlike Acrow® 700XS®, they are applicable for buried solutions but take a bit longer to install.

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