Geogrids for soil reinforcement


Product possesses CE certificate

These slope with stiff, uni-axial extruded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are ideal for reinforcing steep slopes. They allow the construction of slopes and retaining walls using native soils.
Used technology allows for the erection of vegetated escarpments and emtankments with steep grades. It is also used for construction of earthen retaining walls that are faced with concrete blocks.



  • geosiatkaconstruction of steep vegetated slope
  • repair of landslides
  • construction of retaining walls
  • widening of the crowns of rail and road subgrades
  • construction of rail and road embankments
  • landslide prevention systems
  • construction of retaining walls surrounding landfills
  • acoustic barriers



  • geogrids ensure the reinforcement of steep slope allowing the use of local materials of lower quality and ensure the possibility of planting the sides with ground cover
  • by returning landslides to their original state, they benefit the natural environment
  • the construction of earth structures using geogrids does not require applying traditional tasks like foundation excavation and falsework, making construction process very quickly
  • up to 30% of costs can be saved when compared to traditional methods
  • engineered structure reinforced with geogrids guarantee a higher safety coefficient and greater capacity for withstanding static and dynamic loads, including earthquakes, than structures built using traditional methods
  • geogrids posses a high modulus of elasticity, junction strength, resistance to damage during installation, and first-rate bearing capacity, because they are made from high density polyethylene, which is completely resistant to chemical and biological factors that naturally occur in soils. They can last up to more than 120 years.



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