Geogrids for soil stabilization


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Siatka – stabilizacja gruntu

Biaxial extruded geogrids provide a simple solution for soil reinforcement. They are made of polypropylene by extrusion and are characterized by tensile strength of 20 to 40kN/m. They guarantee a significant increase in the load-bearing capacity of soils. Geogrids consolidate aggregate, carry variable loads and ensure dispersal of tensile forces, reducing the formation of ruts and deformation from frictional forces.
Geogrids reduce the thickness of gravel substructures, lengthen the design life of roads, reduce the costs of construction and maintenance  and repair of ruts and patching holes.



  • construction of roads, railway and tramway substructures, forest roads

  • construction of airports, storage yards and parking lots

  • reinforcement of embankments on low-bearing soil




  • geogrids create a stable platform allowing projects to be carried out even in difficult ground conditions where conventional methods are inadequate

  • geogrids reduce soil replacement up to 50% when compared to traditional methods without losing bearing capacity

  • fill over geogrids can be carried out with materials with poor structural properties

  • geogrids have a high modulus of elasticity, junction strength, resistance to damage during installation, and first-rate bearing capacity, they can last up to more than 120 years



Grunt po stabilizacji Stabilizacja gruntu