Short history of our company:

1997 April company established in Leszno
2000 July headquarters moved to Rydzyna
2000 August production of HelCor pipes begins
2000 Geosynthetics department opened
2002 July daughter company in the Czech Republik established
2004 January production of  HelCor PA started
2004 May production of Pecor Optima started
2007 workshop for HelCor Pipes built
2007 new HelCor warehouse
2007 press in MultiPlate workshop
2007 daughter company in Hungary established
2007 daughter company ViaCon Construction in Kielce established
2008 production of SuperCor started
2008 August Kielce Branch opened
2008 September Warsaw Branch opened
2009 June Gdańsk Branch opened
2009 October Cracow Branch opened
2010 daughter company in Austria established
2010 April daughter company in Romania established
2010 September Szczecin Branch opened
2011 April daughter company in Bulgaria established
2011 May Białystok Branch opened
2011 June Bydgoszcz Branch opened
2012 February Katowice Branch opened
2012 August Rzeszów Branch opened
2012 November Wrocław Branch opened
2013 January ViaCon in Poland consists of ViaCon Sp. z o.o. and ViaCon Polska Sp. z o.o.
2014 daughter company in Turkey established
2018 October opening of the office in UAE
2019 March the Shamal Bridge in UAE earns a place in the Guinness World Records Book holding the title of the largest buried bridge span in the world
2021 February three Polish companies ViaCon, ViaCon Polska and ViaCon Construction merge into one entity