UltraCor Structures


UltraCor® structures are the newest generation of flexible structures with the world’s deepest corrugation profile. UltraCor® combines all the advantages of lightweight construction with previously unheard-of strength and durability to create the largest corrugated metal structures in the world today.
UltraCor® structures are used for building engineering objects above and under roads and railways.


Our product UltraCor® is a Guinness World Record holder!

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UltraCor® structures are used for

roads and railways and industrial applications as well as for reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures such us:

  • bridges,
  • overpasses,
  • tunnels,
  • culverts,
  • underpasses,
  • pedestrian tunnels,
  • ecological crossings,
  • hangars,
  • shelters,
  • underground storages.

Design features:

  • The world’s strongest corrugated steel plate
  • Handles extreme loadings
  • Spans can exceed 30 m (98’)
  • Available in: Box Culverts and Standard, Low, Medium or High Profile Arches
  • Easy and fast assembly


Benefits of installing UltraCor structures:

  • Wider Spans
  • Higher Covers
  • Wider range of designing of backfilling height over the structure
  • Lower installation costs

For more information please go to download section where you can find the UltraCor® Catalogue.

The main and current technical parameters of the product are collected in Technical Data Sheet document, available on request.