PECOR OPTIMA® system is widely used in civil engineering. Due to the fast assembly and very good strength and hydraulic parameters,the system has received wide recognition among designers and contractors.

Unique spiral structural wall allows to get the optimal stress distribution on the whole pipe length and ensure the proper ring stiffness on each section. Smooth inside wall of PECOR OPTIMA® pipes allows to achieve good hydraulic parameters.

Pipes are light-weighted and easy to assembly thanks to structure and raw material used for the production.


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PECOR OPTIMA® pipes produced by ViaCon Poland are perfect for use in engineered structures:

- roads and railway culverts

- shaft construction

- ecological passages (for animals)

- relining of existing old culverts

- forestry culverts


Przepust polietylenowyStructue of PECOR OPTIMA® pipes.

PECOR OPTIMA® pipes are produced with double wall, smooth inside and corrugated outside (figure 1). The corrugation is stiff and can interact with surrounded soil.


Ring stiffness (SN)

Ring stiffness is parameter that characterizes strength of PECOR OPTIMA® pipes. This value is specified by the producer for each production batch. Nominal ring stiffness of PECOR OPTIMA® pipes means the minimal value that is guaranteed for each batches.

Standard PECOR OPTIMA® pipes are produced in the following classes of ring stiffness :

- SN 6 (6 kPa) – pipes from 300 mm to 1400 mm

- SN 8 (8 kPa) – pipes from 200 mm to 1000 mm



przepusty polietylenoweStandard length for PECOR OPTIMA® pipes

The standard lengths of PECOR OPTIMA® pipes are L= 6 m, 7 m, 8 m (pipes from DN 300 mm to 1200 mm).

PECOR OPTIMA® pipes in DN 200 mm are available in length of 6,0 m.

The production process allows to make any length of pipe (max. up to 12 m, concerning pipes from DN 300 mm to 1000 mm)

Using PECOR OPTIMA® pipes enables an accurate adjustment of both ends to slope and required angle. Bevel cut can be done on one or both sides with full bevel (Fig 1c) or step bevel (Fig 8b). It is recommended to use vertical step of 1/3 the height of the pipe.


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Connections for PECOR OPTIMA®


PECOR OPTIMA® pipes are joined with coupling bands. There are two types of coupling bands (Fig.3a and Fig.3b)

PECOR OPTIMA® culvert pipes in ring stiffness SN8 can be used for each class of live load.

PECOR OPTIMA® pipes can be used as curved in plane and profile.

Broad range of fittings (elbows, T-pipes, reductions), which make up complete system, is used.


Technical approvals, opinions


PECOR OPTIMA® pipes have the following documents:

- Technical Approval issued by Polish Road and Bridge Research Institute IBDiM no. AT/2007-03-115

- positive opinion from Polish Central Mining Institute (GIG) for use of pipes on subsidence areas


The main and current technical parameters of the product are collected in Technical Data Sheet document, available on request.

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