Pecor Quattro Pipes


Pecor Quattro pipes are used for building :

  • gravity sewage system and storm water
  • road and railway culverts
  • culverts under forest roads
  • ecological culverts for small animals
  • retention tanks



Pecor Quattro pipes are manufactured of polypropylene (PP) with double wall. Corrugated outside wall of pipes provides high stiffness SN8 (8kPa). Smooth inside wall allows to achieve optimal hydraulic parameters.

Pecor Quattro pipes are produced in range diameter DN/ID 200 -1000 mm.

Pipes are produced acc. to norm PN-EN 13476-3  and Technical Approval IBDIM No. AT/2012-02-2815“ Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene used for road culverts and drainage as well as for cable protection.”

Pipe bell is formed at the production stage and it is integrated part of pipe which allows fast assembly. The rubber sealing ring mounted on the end of pipe guarantees tightness. 


Pecor Quattro pipes are produced in two types of colors

  • outside black / inside grey – used for culvert pipes and storm water
  • outside orange / inside grey – used for sewage system


Pecor Quattro system consists of:

  • pipe jointing sleeves
  • double- bell couplings
  • elbows: 15°, 30°,45°, 90°
  • T-pipes: 45°, 90°
  • reducers
  • watertight connectors for concrete wells
  • Pecor Quattro wells


The main and current technical parameters of the product are collected in Technical Data Sheet document, available on request.