Polyester geogrids


Product possesses CE certificates

Geogrids are made from knitted polyester fibres, which form the meshes of the geogrid. The geogrid is covered with a black PVC polymer coating in a technical process, which stabilizes the structure of the geogrid and increases its resistance to the effects of UV radiation.

Geogrids are designed for use in transportation construction to: reinforce low-bearing subgrades for roads and ramparts, construction of squares, parking lots, temporary roads and forest roads, reinforcement of the upper layers of road and railroad subgrades and lower layers of foundations, construction of mechanically stabilized earth structures and retaining restructures, and others.

Product CE certified.



  • reinforces low-bearing soils under road foundations and protective ramparts
  • reinforces upper layers of subgrades under roads and railroads and lower layers of subgrades
  • construction of reinforced earth structures and retaining walls
  • stabilisation of landslides
  • mining construction and tunnels
  • erosion prevention
  • construction of storage yards and parking lots in difficult ground-water conditions
  • anti-snow barriers



  • low weight - does not require special equipment to lay out
  • elasticity - adapts to the shape of the terrain, eliminates many technical difficulties accompanying construction of structures situated on sloped or crooked surfaces
  • saves on costs - reduction of manpower necessary
  • allows the use of local soils and materials as fill
  • long life - increases life span of earthmade structure

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