Polyethylene geomembranes


Product possesses CE Certificate


HDPE GEOMEMBRANE is a impermeable material made from high-density polyethylene.

This material is produced in the form of 5- or 11-metre wide strips in thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm.

Available in black.

Many years of experience in the application of geomembranes in construction, hydraulic engineering, and environmental protection confirm the effectiveness of the use of these materials in various kinds of insulation.

The final effect of the application of geomembranes is both a product of proper design and execution of the waterproofing project.



  • construction of storage yards and landfills
  • recultivation of waste dumps
  • construction of water canals, levees and water reservoirs
  • sealing of cement and steel reservoirs
  • sealing of containment yards for hazardous substances
  • sealing of fuelling stations
  • sealing of storage yards and vehicle recycling stations



  • resistance to chemical damage, even from concentrated chemicals
  • resistance to aging and UV radiation
  • high resistance to elongation
  • can be adapted to the shape of the ground or to structures
  • ease of testing of waterproofness of joint