CON/SPAN precast elements

Engineering structures made of precast elements


CON/SPAN elements are used for roads, railways and industrial applications:

  • bridges,
  • overpasses,
  • tunnels,
  • culverts,
  • underpasses,
  • pedestrian tunnels,
  • ecological crossings,
  • shelters,
  • underground storages.

Benefits of CON/SPAN system:

  • designed for all road and railway live load classes according to norm PN-85/S-10030 and Pn-en 1991-2. All system conform to AASHTO LRFD bridge specification,
  • provides ease and speed of installation,
  • minimal reinforcement to be placed on site,
  • no need to use formwork,
  • no connection in cross section – installation without the use of scaffolding,
  • possibility to make bend in plan view,
  • complete system, unification of design and production,
  • wide scope of applications,
  • a wide range of cross sections,
  • possibility of installing the CON/SPAN system after the express Foundations are done – reduction of installation time,
  • possibility of using only certain elements of the system.

CON/SPAN construction process:

  • excavate and prepare foundation subgrade,
  • unload and place precast foundation sections,
  • place minimal reinforcing at joints to provide foundation continuity,
  • set precast bridge units, headwalls and wingwalls,
  • fill cells with cast-in-place concreto,
  • seal joints, grout wingwalls and backfill.

Technical support from ViaCon Sp. z o.o.
Cross section of engineering structure is selected according to clearance box and required load capacity. Each time characteristic parameters for individual project are defined such as: span, height, cross section area, thickness element, precast element, width, reinforcement.
ViaCon offers full support for designing of CON/SPAN precast bridge system and well qualified assembly teams will take a comprehensive system installation on site.


The main and current technical parameters of the product are collected in Technical Data Sheet document, available on request.