Road reinforcement geogrids


Product possesses CE certificate

Fiberglas geogrids for reinforcement of bituminous road surfaces

Fiberglass geogrids and Fiberglass geocomposites are made from woven glass fibres. They are covered in a bituminous coating in a technical process.

In geocomposites, the grid of fibreglass is combined with a polypropylene non woven. The entire Fiberglass range of products is designed for reinforcement of asphalt surfaces. Cracking is the main problem associated with asphalt surfaces, and it may be caused by poor condition of the previous asphalt surface, stretch coefficients, temperature changes, moisture and the freeze / thaw cycle.

Fiberglass guarantees significantly higher durability of bitumen masses.

The Fiberglass - composite combination has the advantages of both the application of geogrids and geotextiles in a single product.



  • reinforcement of asphalt surfacesSiatka do nawierzchni drogowych
  • bituminous surfaces cracking preventation
  • joints in widening of roads
  • locations with high traffic loads (airports, parking lots)
  • regions with difficult climates


Properties of Geofibres

  • geogrid: woven grid of fibreglass with high resistance to elongation
  • geocomposite: fibre glass grid + polypropylene non woven
  • flexibility and low weight
  • high modulus of elasticity
  • elongation to 3% (GLASS)
  • resistance to creep
  • absorbent fibre
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • available in various sizes, weights, and strengths from 50 kN/m to 200 kN/m