S5 Kaczkowo - Korzeńsko (Poland)

ViaCon's products on S5 Kaczkowo - Korzeńsko

Along the S5 road between Poznań and Wrocław (Korzeńsko - Kaczkowo) section, eight engineering ecological structures for large animals and passages under county roads are being built. For this purpose buried flexible steel structures of SuperCor® and MultiPlate MP200 were used.
Nine objects consist of reinforced concrete panels – ViaBlock with total amount of approximately 3410 m2.
In order to carry out the drainage ditch, HelCor® culverts with a diameter Ø1900 (604.85 m) and Ø1500 (92.36 m) were applied.
The whole project also includes mattresses of non-woven S14 NW in the amount of 840 000.00 m2.