PES woven geotextiles


Product possesses CE certificate

Geotextiles are made of polyester multifibre yarn with high tensile strength up to 1200kN/m and elongation 10-12%. They are perfect for strengthening of soil, reinforcement, building high embankments or as a separation layer.



  • construction of roads and railwaysgeotkanina

  • construction of storage yards, parking lots

  • construction of levees, quays

  • reinforcement of retaining walls and construction of high embankments

  • construction of embankments and water reservoirs

  • due to high resistance to mechanical damage, durability and low elongation at break, they are ideal for use in areas affected by mining damage

  • geotubes




  • effective strengthening of low-bearing soils

  • high resistance to mechanical damage

  • durability of 100 years

  • high tensile strength at low elongation

  • perfect for separating two soil layers with different properties