mury oporowe

ViaBlock is a system of retaining walls which face the walls are concrete blocks connected to the polypropylene grid which reinforcing ground. Block is an integral part of the retaining wall ViaBlock and can only be used with other elements of the system, (one-way polypropylene mesh, connector for connecting a polymeric geogrids (Bodkin) and polymeric linker connecting the grid with a block (Tclip).


There are two types of wall blocks, concrete blocks and blocks crowning the wall. Both blocks are made of concrete C25/30 min


The polyethylene element is one-way grid-type TT SAMP.

Additional elements

Other elements of the system is the connector for connecting a polymeric geogrids (Bodkin) and polymer connector blocks for connecting to the grid (T-Clip).

ściana oporowaCharacteristics:

  • Economical system for retaining walls, steepened slopes and erosion control
  • Can handle extreme surcharge loads
  • Possibility to make blocks of different colors
  • Adapts to curves, angles and steps
  • Fast and easy installation without a crane



  • Retaining Walls
  • Headwalls and Wingwalls
  • Bridge Abutments