ViaWall-B (Mesh)

The ViaWall B uses only galvanized steel wire mats to reinforce a retained soil mass.



There are two types of mats. Grid standard L-shaped create face of the wall and retaining soil. Second type is auxiliary mats which create only face of the wall. Mats are made of welded steel rods from 6 to 12mm. In order to protect against corrosion are covered with a mesh layer of zinc coating mass 600g/m2 min.



In the face of natural aggregates or broken with the grain size 80/250.
The main charge is the natural aggregates or broken with the grain size 0/80 Backfill must be compacted to Ismin = 0.97



  • Economical system for retaining walls, steepened slopes and erosion control
  • Can handle extreme surcharge loads
  • Permanent or temporary applications
  • Adapts to curves, angles and steps



  • Retaining Walls
  • Headwalls and Wingwalls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Crusher Ramps/Walls