Erosion control products



Anti-erosion geomats

Product possesses CE certificate

Geomats are polymer fibre products designed especially for erosion control and renewed vegetation cover of slopes that are vulnerable to rain, flowing water, wind, and waves.

Products prevent erosion by:

  • tying together and reinforcing the surface layer of the soil,
  • protecting against the impact of rainfall and flowing surface water without interrupting the revegetation process,
  • ensuring protection of the existing root layer.


  • escarpments covered with vegetation
  • barren and rocky escarpments
  • land and water canal slopes
  • banks of canals, ponds, and reservoirs as well as covering landfill embankments
  • protection against rock and rubble slides



  • geomats protect bare soils, ensuring rapid revegetation without erosion that results from localized breaks in the grass and bush cover root system, by creating a stable surface that is highly resistant to the erosive effects of water
  • reduce the amount of soil eroded by over 50% when compared to unprotected banks. Thanks to their high tensile strength they can withstand water flows of up to 4 m/s, thereby preventing the displacement of soil particles and erosion in hydraulic engineering applications (e.g. canals, riverbanks, etc.)
  • the reinforced geomat allows the retention of a thick surface layer of soil even on very steep non-water permeable slopes (stabilization of surface layers in re-cultivation of landfills)
  • reduces soil erosion through soil interface and reinforcement of the root layer
  • retains water in streams, pipelines, and canals by dispersing kinetic energy and water flow





Anti-erosion biomats

Embankments and hydrotechnical structures, and sites with tall slopes are vulnerable to external erosion if left unprotected. By using HasTec® textiles or Greenfield® anti-erosion biomats, damage to slopes can be prevented and new vegetation can be protected during its root formation phase.

Both HasTec® textiles and Greenfields® anti-erosion mats are produced from natural biodegradable fibres.

The structures and riverbanks protected by biomats ensure protection for the face of the slope from wind and rainwater.