Drainage geocomposites


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We offer a full line of geosynthetic systems for draining rain water and liquids, gas dispersal for landfill construction and for civil engineering projects.
Drainage geocomposites provide important technical advantages with ease of installation. Those advantages include easy access to materials, attaining high durability and stability of earthen banks, well-drained
construction, and resistance to mechanical damage.
Use of geocomposites makes possible a substantial increase in the volume of rain water drained thanks to their spatiality, and they allow the construction of significantly steeper slopes than can be built using sand or gravel as a filtration layer.
The economic benefits are clear when the application of geogrids and geocomposites is compared to traditional drainage layer
Geocomposites are used for drainage in structures like embankments, retaining walls and tunnels.
Geocomposites and drainage systems guarantee lasting fluid drainage, because their structure is made up of highly pressure resistant high-density polyethylene fibres.


Drainage geocomposites ViaCongeosynthetic systems for draining rain water ViaCongeocomposites ViaCon



  • additional waste dump drainage and collecting water leaks from non-watertight structures
  • dispersion of gasses and natural drainage from capped landfills
  • tunnels, retaining walls and underground structures
  • ground drainage for geotechnical structures
  • road, runway, and rail subgrade drainage
  • plazas, parking lots, gardens, and sports stadiums



  • geocomposites reduce investment outlays and construction times because they are quicker and easier to use than traditional filtration and drainage methods
  • geocomposites and drainage grids provide lasting drainage that is resistant to crushing or reduction in thickness
  • geocomposites ensure the usability of a greater amount of landfill space and reduce the thickness of the drainage layer



  • Geogrids
  • Geocomposites (geogrid + geotextile)
  • Geomembranes (geotextile + geogrid + geomembrane)


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