Non-woven geotextiles


Product possesses CE certificate

Non-woven geofabrics are built from durable polypropylene fibres with high tensile strength, from 6 kN/m to 45 kN/m. They are most frequently used in:

  • road construction (motorways, access roads, parking lots, airports, etc.)
  • waterway construction (levees, reservoirs, reinforcement of sea coasts, etc.)
  • land amelioration (various types of drainage and filtration)




  • accelerating consolidation of low-bearing soils under railroad and road embankments
  • construction of horizontal and vertical geosynthetic drains
  • construction of separation layers between fine-grain soils (loamy, dusty, or clayey) and coarse sand, gravel, aggregate, rubble, or crushed rock
  • construction of anti-silting drain covers from prefabricated pipe or coarse-grain materials
  • reinforcement of the upper layers of road foundations or lower layers of subgrade, in order to reduce use of materials and lengthen service life of the structure
  • reinforcement of road shoulders, escarpments, embankments, and landslides
  • construction of protective / drainage layers (protection of geomembranes) in construction of landfills




  • high elasticity and adaptability to surface shape
  • defined specifications for resistance to elongation, tearing and piercing
  • high resistance to natural environmental factors (such as fungus or mould), acids, bases, liquid fuels, solvents
  • good horizontal and vertical water permeability under pressure
  • environmentally friendly